Молекулярна фізика та термодинаміка
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Фізика 10. Молекулярна фізика та термодинаміка

  • Test purpose: Knowledge check
  • Description: Test cases are intended so that you can objectively evaluate your skills on "Фізика 10. Молекулярна фізика та термодинаміка", identify weaknesses and eliminate them in time. This will help you independently replenish and improve your knowledge and skills in the subject of "Фізика 10.". The test is made on the program level Standard and contains 40 testcases.
  • Testcases quantity: 40
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Auxiliary means: Calculator, Periodic table, Metals activity sequence, Substances density, Prefixes to form decimal multiples and submultiples, Thermal properties of materials, Electrochemical equivalents, Dielectrical permeability of materials

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