Testorium — is a free online system for creating tests and testing for teachers and students of any educational establishment.

The main purpose of this system - to facilitate the work of teachers and give students an opportunity to test their knowledge, including readiness for External testing, on-line.

Register as a Teacher, you can:

  • create their own tests in the subject, using five types of tests;
  • configure access to the tests specific group of users;
  • join the existing tests, submitting an application administrator;
  • provide other teachers — users to perform certain actions in their tests;
  • see test results of each of their students provided they register in the system at the entrance;
  • obtain statistical data on the results of testing a specific group within a certain time;
  • check out their tests on the quality and compliance with the rules testology;
  • save time on checking students' knowledge;
  • adjust the learning process, based on the test results;
  • have additional points when professional development through the use of ICT;
  • and much more.

Register as a disciple, you can:

  • to be tested as a registered or as an anonymous user;
  • tested for the proposed teacher, or open to all tests;
  • after testing to see their results, and determine your level among other results;
  • be tested by selected test repeatedly, if this mode is provided as a teacher;
  • work out in the passage External testing on tests of previous years, and to check their readiness.