Development of standardized testing



This manual provided general advice on the process and procedures for peer review and conduct tests and test options that result in the development of tests that are high quality and free of errors. Available in this guide recommendations relating to the tests intended for all years of study and in all subject areas.

The manual available to the regulatory requirements for the construction of test writing and incentives issues as well as on the development of test options and their expertise. In addition, the guide covers the most common weaknesses that need to learn how to find and correct test developers and experts who provide opinions.

The manual consists of eight chapters:

  • Terminology
  • Structure test
  • General guidelines for writing tests and expert assessment
  • Writing and expert assessment incentives
  • Writing and expert assessment multiple choice problems
  • Writing, expert assessment and evaluation tasks of open type
  • Technical characteristics of tests
  • Conclusion and expert assessment tests

Each chapter begins with a general examination, sometimes containing illustrative example or discussion.


Standardized testing development .pdf (40,0 МБ)